Outdoor Proposal - Is it the right proposal location for you?

With an outdoor proposal location it gives you more oppurtunity and chance to have much more creative freedom.

It too offers up some amazing experiences with what the outdoors actually provides and can be utilised in such a fashion as to blow your partner away and give them a proposal they will never be able to forget.

The true nature of being outdoors gives rise to unique and unusual proposals as the same experience is far less likely to be repeated by any other couple at the exact spot as your experience. This is why an outdoor proposal is quite a good idea.

When you think of outdoors, you think of ruggedness, mountains, open fields and camping. Therefore you could incorporate these into the proposal itself.

For example you could go to your favourite camp site or go somewhere where you could lie under the stars. You could hide the ring in your partners sleeping bag, hang it on ribbon from the centre pole of the tent, hide it in camping equipment such as a lantern or place it in a torch and take it on a boat with music under the moon and stars at night floating in the middle of a lake.

The beauty of an outdoor proposal is that it can be really whatever you want it to be and what more roamntic way to propose than to use what the world already has to do it!

However, you do open yourself up to the elements so be careful to acknowledge if your proposal could potentially get washed, blown or burnt away.

With every proposal the key is to make it as unique and individual as possible, this type of proposal can do just that as you are opened to what is around you. Just be really careful with factors such as public rights of way and public access and don´t go onto someone´s private property. Picnic in parks, treasure hunts in forests, boat rides on lakes, walks on fells and peaks though all set yourself up for a proposal both you and your partner will never forget.

If you choose to go outdoors for your proposal you are more likely to come across other memebers of the public - again just make sure it is what your partner would like and indeed would want.

Outdoor locations are brilliant for the rustic, rough tough couple who don´t really conform to the romantic poetry sentimental side of relationships. If this discriprtion fits your very own relationship with your partner then an outdoor location is perfect for you.

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