Marriage proposal ideas, the ultimate guide to a perfect proposal

Getting married, or at least thinking about it? in need of some marriage proposal ideas? First off, CONGRATULATIONS! you have made one of the most important decisions of your life.

Time has come and you have decided that your partner is the "one for you" and you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Now you have to ask them that dreaded question "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" and pray the answer back will be a enfatic "YES"

You are at the stage of asking but you still have 3 major decisions to make:

1. HOW to propose? 2. WHERE to propose? and, 3. WHEN to propose?

Don´t panic, asking someone to marry you is one of the most stressful things to do but this is your HOW, WHERE and WHEN guide to ease all that stress away. With the aid of this guide you will create a Proposal that you will cherish and, it will be totally unique to you both.

With advice on; top destinations, best dates in the diary, what diamond engagement ring to choose, and just how to ask the question, this site will get a guaranteed yes! How do I know? ............because it happened to me.

will you marry me?
make your proposal one to remember. With tips and advice on how to say will you marry me?, relax safe in the knowledge you have a perfect proposal guaranteed.
Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings - The ultimate guide in choosing the perfect piece of engagement jewellry for your special occassion.
engaged - what does it really mean to be engaged
top 10 proposal dates
These are the top 10 proposal dates, what will yours be?
marriage proposal ideas
looking for marriage proposal ideas then look no further, this is the ultimate proposal guide.
proposal ideas
proposal ideas - more romantic ideas for the perfect proposal
spontaneous marriage proposal ideas
spontaneous marriage proposal ideas - for when you just can´t wait.
creative marriage proposal ideas
creative marriage proposal ideas - make your proposal really one to remember
fun marriage proposal ideas
fun marriage proposal ideas - the fun way to propose
sporty marriage proposal ideas
sporty marriage proposal ideas - get the perfect proposal idea for any who loves sport
techy proposal ideas
techy proposal ideas - release the inner geek for the ultimate marriage proposal
written proposal ideas
written proposal ideas - say it with words to get your perfect proposal just right
gay proposal ideas
gay proposal ideas - proposal deas for the gay couple
underwater proposal ideas
underwater proposal ideas - propose slightly differently
cupid - the international symbol of love
are you sure
are you sure - are you ready for marriage
proposal venue
proposal venue - choosing your proposal venue made easy with these top venues
proposal love songs
Proposal love songs - songs for the perfect proposal
fiance - what does it really mean?
engagement expectations
engagement expectations - what women want from a proposal
engagement protocol
engagement protocol - your engaged but what happens now?
engagement party ideas
engagement party ideas - organise an engagement to remember
Engagement Gifts
Engagement Gifts - Just what do you buy the happy couple?
set the date
set the date - what does this mean?
diamond engagement rings
Diamond Engagement Rings - Which one do you choose?
budget engagement rings
budget engagement rings - how to choose the right budget ring
proposal location
Proposal location - Choosing the location right for you
restaurant proposal
Restaurant Proposal - Propose in a restaurant
outdoor proposal
Outdoor Proposal - Choosing the right location for you
beach proposal
Beach Proposal - a paradise location
hotel proposal
Hotel Proposal - make your proposal 5 star
foreign proposal
foreign proposal - propose abroad
home proposal
home proposal - propose in the comfort of your own home
engagement advice
engagement advice - advice on the engagement itself
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